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The Father Agnel Ashram is a charitable institution in India. Founded under the inspiration and guidance of the Father Conceicao Rodrigues and a dedicated few, the movement started with an orphanage and a trade school in carpentry. Today this movement has grown from a humble beginning to a universal family. Under the guidance of Agnel Ashram Fathers, it caters to full fledged schools, industrial training centres, polytechnics, engineering colleges at the bachelor and post graduate levels and a School of Management and has spread its wings with large technical complexes at Bandra in Mumbai, Verna in Goa, New Delhi, Noida, Ambernath, Vashi in Navi Mumbai and in Pune.

A Vision Realisedfatheragnel

On June 9, 1957 when the Ashram was inaugurated at Bandra, Mumbai, Our Founder, Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues spelt out his dream. “Our principal aim will be to promote our rich heritage”, he said. As the first Indian Missionary Society, we have strived to serve our fellow citizens while nurturing this dream. The Ashram has branches all over India and is immersed in the development of modern Indian society at every level.

History of Fr. Agnel Ashram

Fr. Agnel Ashram was founded on 9th June 1957, in Bandra, Mumbai on a piece of land known as “Land’s End” with the aim of fostering, through Educational and Charitable Institutions, love and understanding among the people of various communities of India and contributing towards India’s development and self-reliance of its people.

Beginning with an Orphanage and Trade School in Carpentry, it went on to progress and expand in to a full fledged Industrial Training Institute, a Polytechnic, and an Engineering College besides providing basic general educational services by way of a High School and a Higher Secondary School. It also offers Production facilities in its workshops.

It was named after the Ven. Fr. Agnel De Souza, a Goan Priest who died in the odour of sancitity in 1927. From Mumbai, Fr. Agnel Ashram branched in 1979 at Verna Goa and New Delhi simultaneously, and later in 1984 it branched in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, with the same aim and similiar institutional setup.

The Agnel Ashram in Goa spreading over 25 acres of verdant, hilly slopes, at Verna, was the fulfillment of a long felt need of providing technical education facilities for the youth of Goa. The Agnel Ashram Fathers under the inspiration of their charismatic leader Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues had acquired experience in conducting technical education in Mumbai. They felt that the experience they had acquired should be put to the service of the people of Goa. Within a span of two decades, the project has made considerable progress, thanks to the generous support from the Government, friends and well wishers.

Charitable Institutions

Seva Ashram

Communal harmony is a worthy goal. India is a country of innumerable religions and faiths. Thus, when all faiths will live and work together for common good, then alone will society benefit. One major step in this direction is the formation of Agnel Seva Ashram . The thrust is to bring people of all faiths together to work, pray and give of ones best in service.

Bal Bhuvan

It is said that, the future of any country lies in the hands of children, they are the one who design our future.A major area of our work as a society is with orphaned children who are left without any helping hand. Our Bal-Bhuvan’s are located at Mumbai, Vashi, Goa, Pune and New delhi. Nearly 2,000 children from the most marginalised socio-economic sections of Indian society are cared for,educated and given a new life.

Konseisanv Balgram

At home with nature, is how children love to be. To provide them an atmosphere that encouraged a close bond with environment and love for nature, we establised our Balgram at Goa. The experiment has been most successful.This will serve as blueprint for future projects.

The orphanage is named after Fr.Conceicao Rodrigues, the founder of Agnel Ashram,who, with his vision and foresight,at the time of conceiving the project at Verna, had reserved a piece of land for it. His vision was blessed by god when joint venture of love and compassion was set up by Ashram Fathers and in collaboration with benefactors from among the people of Austria, Italy and Germany for making the proposed orphanage a reality.The foundation stone of Konseisanv Balgram ws laid by the then President of India, Shri Giani Zail Singh on 16th dec 1987.

It is a red letter day in the history of Agnel Ashram.Today it consists of 22 cottages with 10 children in each cottage and having the unique features…

Girls and Boys of age 4 and above are brought together as brothers and sisters, Children irrespective of caste, creed and community co-exist in a home. When the children become major of age they are helped by us to settle in life and they are always welcome to their home when in need.

Educational Institutes

Padre Conceiçao College of Engineering
Fr. Agnel Polytechnic
Fr. Agnel Industrial Training Institute
Fr. Agnel Trade School
Fr. Agnel Craft School
Fr. Agnel Multipurpose Higher Secondary School
Fr. Agnel Multipurpose High School
Fr. Agnel Multipurpose K.G. and Primary School

Agnel Industrial Training Institute( I.T.I)ag_iti_carp

The Agnel Technical Education Complex is an effort of Agnel Ashram Fathers to contribute to the industrial development of Goa by providing sound, moral and technical education to the youth of this State. The Agnel Industrial Training Institute offers courses in Fitter, Electrician, Mechanic (Diesel) and Carpenter. It is affiliated to The National Council for Vocational Training, Ministry of Labour, New Delhi.

The object of starting technical training courses in Verna is to provide competent staff for expanding indigenous industry. Although the training has a strong practical bias, the theoretical aspects are not lost sight of. Besides, the training is production oriented and the students are made conscious of the value of time and its impact on cost of production. Quality of work turned out by the trainee is given special attention. The concept of dignity of labour is highlighted during the training session.

In order to make a trainee quality and quantity conscious and also to make him readily accepted by industries, every trainee is required to participate in production work as a part of its training.

Fr. Agnel Trade School

To give an opportunity to the numerous school dropouts who leave school without completing their standard tenth or having completed it, do not gain admission in an Industrial Training Institute, our Agnel Trade School is a place where they can fulfil their ambition of acquiring technical skills. We conduct special courses in our trade school. The courses are very practical with trainees spending more than 75% of their time on the workshop floor working with their hands.

Training is imparted in the following trades :ag_iti_bldg
Motor Mechanic
All the courses are of three years duration and at the end of the training period, a test is conducted to assess the level of the skill gained by the trainee. Those successful in the test are issued a certificate by the Principal and Director of Agnel Trade School.


For the benefit of those youth who did not get admitted into an Industrial Training Institute nor did get admitted in our Agnel Trade School, but wish to gain skill in a trade which is either technical or non-technical, the Agnel Fathers have something to offer by way of short term training programmes generally of four to six months duration conducted under the Scheme of Community Polytechnic, of Government of India, Ministry of Human Resources, being run by our Agnel Polytechnic in our campus in Verna or in extension centres created from time to time in different villages of Goa like Chimbel, Molkorne (2 nos.), Kavlem, Balli and Rivona.

Fr. Agnel Craft School

With the aim of providing training for the girls of the surrounding villages and others, The Agnel Fathers conduct training programmes in craft from time to time. So as not to burden the trainees with fees to be paid, Agnel Ashram Fathers tie up such training programmes with available schemes of developmental agencies or departments of Government of Goa and Government of India.

Classes whenever conducted are in the trades of :
Tailoring and Cutting
Craft and Embroidery
Any girl who has completed fourteen years of age and passed the primary school can join the training programme which is of six months duration. Stipend if made available by Government Agencies or Government department is paid to the trainees.


By Road:Fr. Agnel Ashram is conveniently situated on National Highway 17 at Verna between the Panaji and Margao cities. It is about 5 Kms (3.2 miles) from the Margao Bus Station and 27 Kms (17 miles) from Panaji Bus Station. Our College is also located very close to the Electronic City at Verna.

By Rail:Fr. Agnel Ashram Complex is about 8 Kms (5 miles) from Margao Railway Station.

By Air:Fr. Agnel Ashram Complex is 18 Kms (11.5 miles) from Dabolim Airport at Vasco, Goa.

Contact Information

Fr. Agnel Ashram, Verna Goa

Postal Address:
The Director,
Agnel Technical Education Complex,
Fr. Agnel Ashram, Agnelganv,
Verna Goa, 403722
Tel: (0832) 2791206 ,(0832) 2791208
Fax: (0832) 2791205
email: agnelgoa@sancharnet.in


Padre Conceiçao College of Engineering, Verna Goa

Postal Address:
The Principal,
Padre Conceiçao College of Engineering,
Agnel Technical Education Complex,
Verna Goa, 403722
Tel: (0832) 2791266/67
Fax: (0832) 2791268
email: agnelgoa@sancharnet.in

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