“This is Jesus” Biographical Tour Of The Holy Land To Be Launched

Identity Travel Israel, an Educational cross-cultural tour operator has announced the launch of “This is Jesus: Prophet of Nazareth” Tour of Israel, it is reported in the press release from Identity Travel Israel. The Site-packed 8-day itinerary of the tour is aimed to provide a complete portrait of Jesus in literature and life.

The 8-day guided tour explores the most up-to-date information from recent archaeological finds and historical research, while visiting all the major Christian sites. Jesus’ story is conveyed by an engaging tour guide and hand-picked keynote speakers, with academic and theological backgrounds who will join the tour group on certain sites.

“The birth of Christianity is interesting to devout Christians for sure, but also for every open-minded individual,” says Eran Kolran, Director and Co-Founder of Identity Travel. “Christianity did not sprout in a vacuum and it is amazing just how much information we have about the community, faith and backdrop to the life of Jesus.”

Currently the tour is offered only to tour groups. Kolran emphasizes; “We provide full support for community members in leading a missions to the holy land. Any person can become a tour leader and transform his travel experience to a social adventure of discovery and enlightenment.”

Starting on Nov 1st individual tourists will also be able to sign up for one of the March tours.

The tour includes Tzipori, Nazareth, all the Ministry of Galilee sites, Jerusalem, the Stations of the Cross, Gethsemane, the pool of Bethsaida, The Mount of Olives, Emmaus, Masada, the Dead Sea and more. Apart from sightseeing and speakers the travelers may enjoy fun activities such as a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, Segway vehicles wine tasting and sound and light shows.

About Identity Travel Israel

Identity Travel Ltd. is a pioneering cross-cultural tour operator Headquartered in Modiin Israel. Since its establishment the company has launched a variety of group travel itineraries for academic seminars, senior travel, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim tour groups as well as political activists. The company’s mission is to promote understanding through educational travel. For more information visit http://www.identitytour.com

*Identity Travel Israel is in no way affiliated or connected with Identity Travel, Hollywood purveyors of luxury travel and hotel bookings.

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