The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit !!!!

My Dear Brothers & Sisters in CHRIST,

Praise the LORD.

“ I will be a witness to you in the World, O LORD. I will spread the knowledge of your name among my brothers, alleluia.”

As the feast of the Pentecost just passed by, wherein the Holy spirit descended upon the apostles, I too was very eager to receive some gift from the Holy Spirit, from a very long time.

I had been to several retreats and was a witness to see so many people receive anointing and different gifts from the Holy Spirit. And as I went for my last retreat in 2005 I really desired for a gift from the Holy spirit.  abn

Maybe the gift of praying in tongues, or proclaiming the word of GOD or whatever gift the Holy spirit would gift me, but the gift that I received, I never even dreamt of , ie. to be a witness to the LORD through writing messages and articles. And how this was confirmed was that even after coming back from the retreat, I always wanted to proclaim GOD’S word through speech, but was unable to do so, until one day very early in the morning I heard a message: For now , you will be my witness through these messages.

And ever since I started writing these articles more than a year back, there have been 57 articles written on various topics and subjects, week after week, which are sent to hundreds and thousands of people by email all over the world.

My brothers and sisters without the help of the Holy Spirit I would not have been able to write even a single line, as I am not a journalist at all, have never done any course on journalism nor on Bible study.

But everytime I sit down to write an article, I start with a prayer to the Holy Spirit to guide me, so that these messages reach out to people and inspire them to come closer to GOD. And that is what it does my brothers & sisters, by the numerous responses I get from all over the World – Praise GOD.

Writing these articles takes me a minimum of 3 days, mostly searching for suitable scripture quotes, as I am not that good in quoting scriptures. But the moment I pray and ask the Holy Spirit to give me suitable scriptures for that particular article then even I am amazed to see such beautiful relevant scripture quotes coming by.

“ Ask, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks will receive, and anyone who seeks will find, and the door will be opened to him who knocks.” MT 7:7.

My brothers and sisters, it is not easy to write these articles week after week on various topics, but it all comes through with prayer and the ultimate aim of glorifying GOD.

The Holy Spirit has never failed me even once, ever since I got that message, that morning, even though sometimes I miss the days, the Holy spirit sees to it that I get the time to write these messages, sometimes not in 3 days, not in 1 day , but in one hour flat.

By writing these messages, I feel I am doing my bit of being a witness to the LORD for all the wonderful things he has done for me and continues to do so in my life.

My brothers & sisters, I know I am not a good speaker, but GOD used me through the Holy spirit to bring out that hidden talent of writing, which GOD gave me ( which was lying unutilized ) to spread his word, and for that I am very happy.

Each of us can be an instrument of the Holy Spirit – if we only desire the Holy Spirit by praying fervently and earnestly then we will be amazed by the way the Holy Spirit will work in our lives by showering us with his gifts.

“ I will light the lamp of understanding in your heart, and it will not go out until you have finished what you are supposed to write.” 2 ESD 14:25.

Praise the LORD


Vijayanand Joseph Almeida
11 / 06 / 06

P.S.:  To be continued , next week more on prayers and gifts of the Holy spirit ( part 2 ).

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