Snehalaya – House of love

Snehalaya (House of love) is a social service program for the care and  rehabilitation of children in distress in the city of Guwahati. It is an out-reach program run by the Don Bosco Society. Snehalaya is committed to build  a child-friendly city where even the poorest of the poor children  enjoy their rights to survival, protection, development and participation. Officially launched on August 16, 2000,  Snehalaya was a millennium gift to the city of Guwahati, and a birthday-gift to St. John Bosco, the great educator saint of the 19th century.

Snehalaya program now gives total residential care to over 200 children in the age group of 3-18 in five Snehalaya Homes namely, Drop-In Centre at Fancy Bazaar,  Children’s Home at Dhirenpara, Auxilium Snehalaya at Noonmati, Jyoti Snehalaya at Beltola and Ila Snehalaya at Betkuchi. Its non-residential program consists in giving primary education to out-of-school children and mainstreaming them into regular schools. Over 350 children have benefited from this effort.

Snehalaya builds up the capacity of the children by educating them and training them in income generating skills. Snehalaya homes are characterized by  a loving family atmosphere.

Since its inception,  approximately 1000 children in need of care and protection  have been beneficiaries of the various programs run by Snehalaya.

Contact Us At:-

Don Bosco, Dhirenpara,
Guwahati-781025, Assam, India

Ring:- +91361 – 2491185, +919435198236

Email:- snehalaya.ghy@gmail.com, snehalaya@sify.com

Snehalaya is a Charitable Trust, Registered Deed No4223/02  Donations to Snehalaya are exempt from Tax u/s  80 G of the Income Tax  Act of 1961.

Contact Us

Office: 0361- 2491185
EMail: snehalaya@sify.com

Director: 94351 98236 
Assistant Director: 98640-47640

Drop-In Centre

This home was opened on March 23, 2002. It is a drop-in centre for boys who are contacted at Guwahati Railway Station and others parts of the city. There are about 40 to 45 boys staying daily in this centre. The children here are in a very important transition stage. They continue their street life here for some time. The facilities provided here are very basic. During this stage of “weaning them away from the street” the children are counseled and their case-histories are written down. They are also given literacy classes. They have outings and picnics. Under the loving care of committed care-givers, after some time, they decide to give up street life. Gradually and gradually they are introduced to a life of discipline. Apart from counseling the children are also taught arts and crafts and also imparted value education at the appropriate time, they are shifted to the Children’s Home at Dhirenpara.  


Snehalaya Shelter Home,
MG Road, Pan Bazaar,
Guwahati 781 001,

Phone: 0361-2604308

Children’s Home

This is a large home accommodating about 70 children who were formerly roaming about in Guwahati Railway Station or were run-away kids, or orphans. This is Snehalaya’s second-stage home for boys in the age group of 8 to 18. Most of the children are being educated either through  bridge-course  or in normal schools. A few are undergoing a tailoring course, as they are too old to start formal education and have to be prepared for the world of work. This was the first Snehalaya Home established on January 1, 2001.  Snehalaya Office is also attached to this Home. Fully staffed and spacious, this Home meets the requirements of a Children’s Home under Juvenile Justice  (Care under protection of Children) Act 2000 of India.

Phone No. 0361-2491185

Snehalaya Children’s Home,
Dhirenpara, Guwahati 781 025

Auxilium Snehelaya

This first-ever Shelter Home specifically for girls in distress in the city of Guwahati is located at Noonmati. It was inaugurated on January 31, 2003. The house has been extended recently. It is managed by the Salesian Sisters. With a capacity for 30 children, there are 28 children here at present. Most of the children attend regular schools in English or vernacular mediums. A few are given home-schooling. It has very good infrastructural facilities. Counseling is given to the children to help them build up self-esteem. Singing and dancing keep them happy and cheerful. Arts and crafts and recreation keep them fully occupied.

Auxilium Snehelaya,
Bishnu Rava Nagar, Noonmati,
Guwahati 781 020

Phone No.0361- 2654896

Jyoti Snehalaya

This is a home away from home for poor guardian less girls & boys. It was opened on April 2, 2004. Located in Beltola in the South East corner of Guwahati city, it is managed by the Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians (MSMHC), and has a capacity for 50 children.  At present there are 28 children here. This home provides all the necessary care and love to the children. They are given quality education,and special care is taken to encourage their talents for music and dancing.  Some of them are enrolled for other extra curriculum activities, too.


Jyoti Snehalaya,
Jatiya Swahid Path,
Beltola, Guwahati 781 028

Phone: 0361-2231629

ILA Snehalaya

This unit of Snehalaya was a hospice for the victims of HIV/AIDS and other related diseases particularly tuberculosis.  This twenty-bedded   center situated just behind Balaji Temple in Betkuchi, Guwahati was gifted to Snehalaya by ILA Trust in November 2003 at the initiative of its founder Rani Reeta Devi, a renowned social worker who was inspired by  Mother Teresa and who was also a close associate of the saint.   We have done major infrastructural renovation of ILA Snehalaya and acquired a new ambulance.  It is in the process of being re-dimensioned into a home and treatment centre for children, particularly those with physical and mental disabilities. It is being managed by the Fatima Sisters.


ILA Snehalaya,
Behind Balaji Temple,
Betkuchi, Guwahati 781 035.

Ring: 03612133412, Mobile: +9194355 52781

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