Release Me

Why is my heart deeply troubled
With feelings of sadness and grief?
Though my life seems to be without
Real turmoil and pressing needs

Yet I feel so grieved inside
With feelings of giving up
A sense of real hopelessness
Has crowded out God’s love

Release me Lord I ask of thee
I don’t want to stay this way
Fill me again with your Holy Spirit
And deliver me I pray

May I again be filled with joy
And know your loving grace
May the spirit of heaviness over me
Be replaced with the garment of praise

I shall arise and sing your praises
And lift my hands to you
And declare aloud your faithfulness
In the wondrous works you do

Be gone you father of iniquities
You no longer have a hold
For greater is He that is in me
The redeemer of my soul

I will not give in to Satan’s attacks
Nor allow him the chance to bind
For Christ has already set me free
And released my troubled mind

My hope shall always be in God
In Him alone will I trust
His joy again will flood my soul
And my heart will be filled with love

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