Miracle at Tabor Divine Retreat Ashram

Eucharistic Miracle at Tabor Ashram (Mumbai, India): Drops of Water and Blood during the Holy Eucharist
(Monday, 27th August, 2007)

1 John 5:6
“This is the one who came by water and blood—Jesus Christ.
He did not come by water only, but by water and blood.
And it is the Spirit who testifies, because the Spirit is the truth

About the Miracle

On 27th August 2007 in the presence of around 60 retreatants (of a special English Growth Retreat) when Fr. Joby was con-celebrating Mass along with Fr. Anto (who himself was a retreatant), during the Epiclesis [that part of the prayer of consecration of the Eucharistic elements (bread and wine) by which the priest invokes the Holy Spirit] when Fr Joby invoked the the Holy Spirit, he noticed many drops of water and blood on the altar cloth. He immediately announced to the congregation that Jesus was pouring out His Blood and Water and continued with the Holy Mass.

Later he testified that the wine had changed to Blood and that when had sipped it at communion it smelt like blood and it was not flowing as easily as wine should normally flow. After sipping he found it sticky in his mouth, a sensation which lasted for quite sometime. Fr Anto too testified of the same.

The choir members (I was one of them) who were near the altar too witnessed the droplets. All the retreatants later testified what they had witnessed and nine of them testified that they had visions of Jesus sprinkling his blood and water on to the stage.

The hall in which the Holy Mass was held was swept clean just minutes before the Holy Mass began during which the drops fell in the presence of these retreatants. Photographs were taken on mobile phones after the Holy Mass. Drops of blood continued to pour on on other days as well and some photographs were taken on digital camera few days later.

Drops of Blood which fell on the Consecrated Host during the epiclesis on Monday 27th August 2007.
The pictures are part of the Host which is now preserved at Tabor Bhavan.

~ Testimony of Tabor Music Ministry Member; Joseph Kalangara

(Tabor Ashram is the Mumbai branch of the Divine Retreat Center Group, often referred to as “Potta” in Kerela, India)

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