Man Named Jesus

Man Named Jesus

This name is like no other
When it is heard
Tears start to fall
Smiles get brighter
Heads start to shake
People start rejoicing
The power behind this name is so great
You send it up in the atmosphere
And blessings come down
This one name can
Make a way out of no way
It can put life into the dead
Heal the sick
Block anything heading your way
Prove many wrong
The things are unlimited
There is nothing to hard
The more you speak it
And the more you have faith in it
The easier life is
If you don’t know
Then you need to get with it
Times are changing
Things are getting hard
So do you know?
Who this great,
Precious and awesome
Name belongs to
The GREATEST name I know
Belongs to
A man named Jesus

By: Jasmyne Douglas

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